Netgraph - a Tool for Searching in PDT 2.0

Netgraph is a client-server application for searching in linguistically annotated treebanks, developed primarily for searching in the Prague Dependency Treebank 2.0. Nevertheless, Netgraph can work with other corpora too, as long as they are converted to FS format.

Netgraph consists of two parts - the client and the server. The client is a multi-platform program (written in Java2) and can run either as an applet in a Java2 (1.5 or higher) enabled web browser or as a stand-alone Java2 application. The server is written in C. The server is placed at the same internet node as the treebank and after a connection with a client is established, it searches the corpus given a query.

Development Discontinued

In January 2009, the development of Netgraph was discontinued, due to the rise of a tool that is superior to Netgraph in its design and features. Thank you all for using Netgraph and from now on, I very much recommend TrEd and PML-TQ engine for both intuitive and advanced searching in treebanks, and for further processing of the data (see also a web access to the PML-TQ server). Nevertheless, the public Netgraph servers providing access to PDT data will remain functional for some time.

Quick Start

To connect to the public Netgraph server, only the Netgraph client (and an internet connection) is required. Please read the installation instructions for the client, and optionally for the server as well. For a quick start, you may want to read a quick tutorial and watch a flash demonstration of the Netgraph client.

After the installation, to connect to the Netgraph public server, start the Netgraph client and fill in the following connection and login information:
  - server:
  - port: 2100 for the analytical trees, 2200 for the tectogrammatical trees
  - user (login name): anonymous
  - password: anonymous

To connect to a locally installed server, fill-in the server localhost and the port 2000. The local server must be started before a connection to it is attempted.


The development of Netgraph was supported by Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics) and by the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, project IS-REST (No. 1ET101120413).
Netgraph was programmed by:
Roman Ondruška (AWT applet version, 1998),
Jiří Mírovský (2000-2008)